Should You Really Outsource Your Online Marketing Needs? Find Here!

Online marketing – That may seem like a buzzword, but to tap into the world of digital landscape, you need the power of marketing. When it comes to promoting your brand online, you have two very clear choices – Outsource or in-house. Many businesses prefer the idea of hiring an online marketing agency Singapore for their needs, while others like to have a team that can manage things on premises. Contrary to what many entrepreneurs believe, this is not about price benefits alone. In this post, we are discussing more on if hiring an online marketing agency is the right idea.

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Why outsource?

For most small businesses and startups, outsourcing is the only option because they cannot afford to hire an online marketing team for in-house work. However, the price benefit is just a part of it, as we mentioned before. With a reliable agency that specializes in web marketing, you can expect the following –

  • Experience in different industries
  • Expertise in diverse online marketing components
  • Ability to offer flexible and affordable packages
  • Transparency in the process
  • Regular reports
  • Customized campaigns
  • Assured explanation and project assistance
  • Extended team collaboration and support

Of course, not all agencies work in the same way, and it is necessary to evaluate, compare and check all the relevant aspects related to their portfolio.

Managing online marketing in-house

The overall work, supervision and experience required to manage an in-house SEO and online marketing team can be frustrating. Even if you have the budget to hire a team, you need to add a lot more effort to ensure that the concerned department works and delivers on the project. More importantly, it is hard to be objective and critical of the work they do, because you can hardly fire the entire team in one go. With online marketing agencies, you can choose to try a service for a few months, and only when you are supremely impressed with the results, you can discuss a long-term contract.

Taking the call

If you are new to online marketing and are trying to create a digital brand, outsourcing is an absolute wise idea in many ways. Just ensure that you hire an agency that’s capable and competent, and they should be invested in the needs of your brand. Aligning your brand with online marketing expertise of the agency is key to success, and you want to be assured that the work process is transparent and easy to evaluate.

5 Pointers For Selecting A Capable Digital Marketing Company In Singapore!

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs and managers believe, digital marketing is not just about practices and strategies. It has a lot to do with creativity and keeping in sync with evolving trends. Every business is unique and must be treated as a separate case for the needs of digital marketing. If you are unsure of how to establish online authority or create a campaign that will work for your brand, you must seek assistance. Hiring a digital marketing company in Singapore is easy, especially with so many options around, but don’t miss these pointers before taking the final call. 

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  1. Check their local profile. While most agencies do work with clients outside Singapore, you need to check their experience in your industry. Find more on the businesses that they worked with, and while number of projects does matter, you may want to know more on the range. If a digital marketing agency has worked with small and large businesses alike and has achieved success in different agencies, it is an added advantage.
  2. Ask about their mix. The digital marketing mix is critical for success. SEO is important, but you also need the power of search engine marketing, social media, email marketing and online reputation management. Find a company that can handle all of it togethers, so that you can have a comprehensive package.
  3. Don’t miss on pricing. Getting an estimate for your campaign is necessary, and you want to be as transparent with this as possible. Make sure that the estimate is a realistic one and fits your budget, but don’t settle for an agency because their digital marketing package works for your expected amount. Paying more for an experienced agency is never a bad idea.
  4. Find more on work process. The actual process of digital marketing is a collaborative one, where the inputs from clients do matter, and a good agency always ensures that the client is in loop with the progress. Make sure that you have clear and simple ways of measuring the work done by the concerned service.
  5. Discuss the contract. Comparing agencies for digital marketing can be also tricky because many services insist on a yearly contract. We strongly recommend that you try a service for at least six months before hiring them for the long term, but do not expect great results in a matter of days.

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SEO decoded: Get the best agency for SEO in Singapore!

Singapore has a digital population, and most people are active internet users. As a company seeking online authority and presence, you have to focus on all the core components of online marketing. While social media and paid marketing in form of PPC have many advantages, you definitely need SEO more than anything else. Finding the best SEO agency Singapore for your brand can be perplexing, because many services are selling really affordable packages, and it can be hard to ignore the price benefits. In this post, we are discussing more on how you can work effectively with the right SEO agency. 

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Seek initial consultation and website audit

Believe it or not, you can get a website audit done for free. Most SEO agencies will be happy to evaluate the performance of your portal, so as to find the flaws and issues that must be fixed. Website audit is the simplest means of judging if an agency has the required experience in SEO. Consultation is as important, and it is more about suggesting what your website and brand would need to do better in search results and gain more traffic, in the most organic manner.

Ask for a plan

Do not work with a SEO agency that doesn’t offer a plan. The process of SEO is a scalable one, and every single aspect needs attention – keyword research, content creation, on-page SEO, link building, content marketing, bloggers’ outreach and so on. You need a company that is comprehensive in its approach and offer a clear vision of their strategy and practices. You also need to ensure that the plans are scalable and can be measured on real metrics.

Estimate and regular reporting

Unlike paid marketing and social media ads, SEO is pretty much measurable, and a good SEO agency will offer an estimate for the job, which is usually a monthly fee. You can expect to get regular reports from them, typically once in every two weeks or so. Make sure that there is enough transparency in the process.

Be realistic

Ideally, don’t go for an extensive contract for a year right away, but don’t trust SEO agencies that promise great things in a week or two. It can take at least a couple of months before you see significant changes in results and traffic, depending on where your brand and website stands at the moment.

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